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Senior Christmas Cheer

Division 1 0 to 17
Philip Wood  HCP: 7 SCORE: 37.00pts  
John Mills  HCP: 14 SCORE: 33.00pts  
David Richmond Illidge  HCP: 17 SCORE: 32.00pts  
Alan John Clarke  HCP: 17 SCORE: 30.00pts  
John Woodcock  HCP: 11 SCORE: 29.00pts  
Mark Lindop  HCP: 16 SCORE: 25.00pts  
Frederick Hughes  HCP: 15 SCORE: 23.00pts  
David Archibald  HCP: 17 SCORE: 23.00pts  
Division 2 18 to 23    
Andrew Brown  HCP: 18 SCORE: 39.00pts  
Peter Lindop  HCP: 21 SCORE: 35.00pts  
Brian Freeman  HCP: 21 SCORE: 34.00pts  
Stuart Belfield  HCP: 22 SCORE: 33.00pts  
John S Wiggins  HCP: 20 SCORE: 32.00pts  
James Albert Chetwynd  HCP: 22 SCORE: 32.00pts  
Frederick George Lewis  HCP: 22 SCORE: 31.00pts  
David Collins  HCP: 20 SCORE: 29.00pts  
Alan Terence Bott  HCP: 22 SCORE: 28.00pts  
Lee Graham  HCP: 18 SCORE: 27.00pts  
Trevor Fox  HCP: 23 SCORE: 26.00pts  
Paul R Catterall  HCP: 23 SCORE: 24.00pts  
David Charles Ronald Grist  HCP: 19 SCORE: 22.00pts  
Division 3 24 +    
Kenneth Langford  HCP: 24 SCORE: 35.00pts  
Malcolm Cummings  HCP: 24 SCORE: 34.00pts  
Paul Steven Williams  HCP: 27 SCORE: 32.00pts  
Ramon Sutton  HCP: 24 SCORE: 32.00pts  
Terence Cockram  HCP: 28 SCORE: 29.00pts  
Richard Ledward  HCP: 28 SCORE: 29.00pts  
John Weatherall  HCP: 28 SCORE: 29.00pts  
Rodney Edward Smith  HCP: 26 SCORE: 28.00pts  
David Thomas  HCP: 24 SCORE: 27.00pts  
Peter Edward Carr  HCP: 28 SCORE: 27.00pts  
Anthony Spencer Lawton  HCP: 28 SCORE: 25.00pts  
Don Mason (1)  HCP: 28 SCORE: 23.00pts  
David Burke  HCP: 28 SCORE: 22.00pts  
John Croxton  HCP: 28 SCORE: 21.00pts  
Leslie Cotton  HCP: 28 SCORE: 20.00pts  
Kenneth Plant  HCP: 28 SCORE: 15.00pts  
Kenneth Bentley 0 pts    
Nicholas David Crooks 0 pts    
Stuart Ernest Hopwood 0 pts    
Martin Paul Hardman 0 pts    
John Hassall 0 pts    
William Thomas Myatt 0 pts    
David Blakey DQ pts    
Rajmund Jan Jadczak DQ pts    

TPGG Senior Winter League 2022/23

Here you will find the rules covering this competition & the weekly scores and league tables

Winter League Rules 2022/23

Senior "Fun AMAM" Thursday 4th August

You will see the results below and what a tight all round game it was with Fred Hughes, Geoff Talbot, Geoff Yates, & Terry Cockram achieving 119 points to take the spoils of a £20 voucher each to go on their Bar Card or it can be spent in the shop. Just missing out by 1 point was Phil Wood, Stuart Belfield, Terry Pointon & Frank Chapman.

Nearest the pin was Andrew Brown and considering the flag was at the back of the Green it was obviously a good shot to get as close as he did and he will also get a £20 voucher.

One thing we must make a special mention to is Terry Cockram with his hole in one on the fourth and I am sure we all celebrated the whisky with him!

Finally the standard of scorecards by everyone was excellent you could actually read them!

WAKELIN TROPHY 2022 - Wednesday 13th July

Please see below the results

Wakelin Trophy 2022
Wakelin Trophy 2022
Wakelin Trophy 2022


Thirty-three Seniors made their way to Mickleover GC to contest the 2022 Away Day in a competition comprising of eleven teams of three. Eight points separated the top five prize winning teams with places five to seven being decided on countback. Seniors’ Captain Bill Myatt made the presentations to the prize winners. A big thank you goes to Barry Hubberts for devising the competition and preparing the match cards and Paul Burch for negotiating such a good deal with Mickleover GC.

Apart from a little rain, the weather was kind to us, and the course was perfect. Better still, the staff at Mickleover were very accommodating and did a fine job of looking after us. A really nice touch was to open the halfway house for us to enjoy biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee all for the price of a donation. A fabulous day with fabulous company.

Senior Committee

NB Scroll through to see alll the pictures below.

TOM SIMPSON KNOCK OUT - And Then There Was 2

A massive thanks to all those who took part in this competition not one deadline was missed.

We are now down to Phil Wood (The Open Quarter) & Andrew Brown (The PGA Quarter), this should make a worthy final and well worth your support.

Once they have confirmed when they are playing I will send out another email.

Good luck to both players.

So onwards and upwards!

TOM SIMPSON TROPHY -Singles Knockout Rules


The competition is a knockout over 18 holes off the blue tees. Handicap allowance will be 90% of difference and normal golf rules apply. Following the decision of the 2021 Seniors’ Annual Meeting this change regarding handicap will be reviewed before the next Seniors’ Annual Meeting at which the decision to continue with it or revert to previous practice will be taken.

This is an important competition which should be given its full respect , to be fair to everyone who has entered and avoid the three main complaints when organising your matches. We have provided ready solutions to these three common complaints which are: -

1. People leaving it too late to play the match and then requesting the Round Date to be extended.
2. Contacting your opponent (please make a telephone number or email address available).
3. Not being able to agree a date.

Rule 1
All completion dates are mandatory and there will be no exceptions except if the course has been closed for an unreasonable amount of time between start and end dates. If you have left your match until the last day and the course is closed on that day but has been open for a reasonable period leading up to that date no extension will be granted and you must by whatever means decide who goes through.

Rule 2
Matches should be arranged with minimum of delay and it is up to ALL players to try and make first contact. This will give players equal responsibility to make contact, telephone numbers have been provided where possible but should these be incorrect please amend accordingly asap.

Rule 3
There is ample time between and within rounds to arrange a fixture but if for any reason both parties cannot sort out a date then you should agree between yourselves which name goes forward. You can decide this by whatever means you are happy with even if it means tossing a coin. I would be happy to do this for you remotely if necessary or you may decide on a “penalty shoot out” on the putting green.
If you seek advice on reaching a decision as to the person who should go through then the person who has made most effort to arrange the match will be favoured.

It is the responsibility of the winning player to inform Barry Hubberts of the result at or telephone 07368 181254 before the next round is due to take place. Failure to notify a result in the due time will cause undue delay to your next opponent and may lead to your disqualification.

The change brought about by the BRS booking system makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to continue a match beyond 18 holes to a sudden death playoff and the following is an attempt to address this problem.
• Players completing 18 holes where the match remains level will have three choices, either to play on (if possible), toss a coin to determine a winner or agree to meet at a later date for a sudden death playoff. It is the players’ responsibility to find a solution.
• An arranged sudden death playoff must occur within stated period for the round to which it relates.
• If a sudden death playoff cannot take place within the time limit for the round to which it relates no extension will be allowed and a toss of a coin MUST take place.

Players enter the competition on the understanding that they will fully abide by the above rules.

Whilst these Rules/arrangements might seem harsh they are designed to make it fair for everyone especially those players who do make the extra effort to play their games in good time.

Competition Organiser’s - (If you request a decision be prepared to be disappointed)

Barry Hubberts / Paul Burch
07368 181254


Only your top 8 scores will 1 more good score just might make a difference!

Welcome to 2022 brief description of what we have in store.




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