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You will find details of our Competitions below

**RYDER CUPPA 2023 - Thursday 28th September

For the first time to be seen in public the Ryder Cuppa trophy provided by Tony Walley has been highly polished and ready to be played for.

It will arrive by police escort to TPGC on th 28th September and players from both teams will be in their best golfing kit with clean shoes, golf clubs and a brand new ball to play with.

By popular demand Senior Captain Trevor Fox & Senior Vice Captain Dave Archibald wont be making any opening speeches.

The players and their respective teams who have won the right to play are shown below.

Details of the 3 separate formats to be played over the 18 holes will be notified to the players prior to the day to give them plenty of time to study the rules.


Holes 1 to 6

Foursomes (also known as Alternate Shot) is a form of play involving partners in match play where two partners compete as a side by playing one ball in alternating order on each hole. You need to decide before play which partner tees off the odd number and who tees off the even numbers.

Team handicap is based on 50% of the combined Course Handicap handicap.

In this Format only any team member electing to play off the green tees means all players tee off the green tees and handicaps have been calculated accordingly.

Holes 7 to 12

4BBB Matchplay.

Green & Blue Mixed Tees
If a member of any team is playing from the green tee their handicap has been calculated accordingly.

Holes won will then be based on shots to Par relative to the individual player. An example would be the 10th hole anyone playing off the green tee and gets a Nett par (par 4) and someone playing off the blue tee gets a Nett par (par 5) the hole would be halved.

Holes 13 to 18

Singles Match Play

As 4BBB matchplay holes will be decided on par for anyone playing off the green tees.


The competition will be governed by these rules

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The 4 finalists of the Tom Simpson Trophy 2023

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Rules For Las Vegas Scramble

Handicap Allowance To Be Deducted From Total Score At The End

Handicap Allowance is in accordance with England Golf teams of 4 25%/20%15%/10% from the lowest to the highest, however for 3 person teams they don’t seem to cover this option but a common approach by other clubs is 30%/20%/10% and so that is what we have adopted. All handicaps and the team allowances will be printed on your score card (all team members play to the same team handicap).

Everyone will be playing off the Blue Tees except the last group who will play off the Green Tees (and use the Ladies Card) for obvious reasons and the appropriate slope has been applied.

Your handicaps have been based on what they were on the 10th June and will not alter.

It is a medal round so you just need to add up your total score and then deduct your Team Handicap.

All players have an allocated number printed on the scorecard, everyone tees off on all holes and this is where the fun starts. After teeing off, 4 & 3 person teams roll the die and for a 4-person team you take the tee shot of the person allocated the number that the die turns up i.e. 1 to 4. If you throw a 5 or 6 you have a free choice of tee shot. For 3 person teams the number 4 on your dice is taped over in other words it is excluded and so the same for you if you throw 1 to 3 you take that person’s tee shot and a free choice for 5 & 6.

Apart from the above normal Scramble Rules apply.

Where to play from
Shots on the putting green, the selected ball to be marked and another spot should be marked within 6 inches to the side, not nearer the hole. Once a ball is holed out play is completed for that hole.
From other than on the putting green, ball to be placed and within 1 club length not nearer the hole of the selected shot on the fairway and dropped within 1 club length in rough but placed in bunkers, it is not necessary for the person with the chosen shot to play first. In addition, if the selected ball is in the fairway each member must play their ball in the fairway. Likewise, if the selected shot is in the rough, bunker, water hazard, fringe etc. each player must play from the same respective rough, bunker, water hazard, fringe etc. Team members may rake the bunker between shots.

If the dice thrown turns out to be for an OOB ball then that person alone has to retake the tee shot until the ball is in play or see below.


As an EXTRA OPTION for a lost ball or OOB you may estimate where the ball was lost or OOB and bring a ball back on to the fairway, no nearer the hole plus 2 club lengths onto the fairway but with a penalty of 2 shots. This option is not available if you take a Provisional ball.

For an explanation of this rule see video

If you cant open video paste the link into your browser.

There is an individual nearest the pin on the 4th hole to give everyone a chance.

On Completion of Your Round
Could you please return your score card and dice, last time we lost more dice than lost balls!

If anyone has any questions or suspects their handicap is wrong please get in touch prior to the 22ndJune

Anyone asking a question on the day will have to pay £1 fine to the charity!!

Druids Heath Senior Away Day Thursday 8th June

The Results As Compiled by Our Statistician (Paul Burch)

Druids Heath Match Day Report

The largest field for years, saw the Seniors take on the challenge of Druids Heath GC for their away day on the 8th June. Zippy and sloping greens took their toll of many on the day but a great day was had by all. Mike Palmer and Ken Langford took the team honours and Geoff Yates and Trevor Price the nearest the pin prizes. Druids Heath were fantastic hosts and ensured that our day would be memorable.
Full results are below:

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Tom Simpson Trophy Rules 2023

Here you will find the rules governing this competition.


Over 50 seasoned golfers played despite the forecast of poor weather which never arrived to participate in the annual showdown between the Senior Captain and Vice Captain. Amidst a sizable audience and a four-legged friend, the freshly appointed Captain, Trevor Fox, and Vice Captain, Dave Archibald, teed off at dawn, both hitting shots on to dry land.

The esteemed trophy was awarded to Trevor, who emerged as the inaugural champion, and is expected to showcase it prominently in his home, subject to Lynes' approval, of course. Trevor expressed his gratitude to all participants and singled out Bill Myatt, a former Captain who had set a high standard during his tenure.

Captain v Vice Captain 2023
Captain Receiving The Cup



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