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TPGC Dress Code Policy

TPGC Dress Code
Trentham Park Golf Club maintains a strict but sensible dress code, which must be adhered to when using the clubhouse facilities. Clean, smart, presentable and generally tidy appearance should be maintained at all times in the clubhouse. For the purpose of etiquette, decorum and decency, and the avoidance of embarrassing conversations and possible requests to leave the clubhouse, it’s not a big deal but remember this is a member’s club, and you should respect the wishes of all members.
Club Presentations – (defined as any Invitation Day Presentation, Open Presentation, Captain’s Day Presentation, President’s Day Presentation) the dress code will be Formal unless over-ruled by the Captain or Officer of the Day
(Please see below for full details) or Download the Full-Dress Code here
For any other evening event, the dress code for the evening will be communicated prior to the event.
• Black Tie -Dinner suits or dark business suits for Gents Eveningwear for Ladies
• Formal -Jacket, Collar and Tie for Gents
• Smart Eveningwear for Ladies
Club House / Dining Room
• Smart Casual -Trousers (includes cords and non-ripped denim trousers/jeans),
• Tailored / straight cut shirts (can be worn outside of trousers) for
• Gents. Tailored shorts with appropriate footwear.
As above for Ladies plus Blouses, Skirts, Dresses, etc.
Sutherland room
• Casual – Shorts (no beach wear), jeans (non-ripped), open shoes, smart trainers, collarless t-shirts and golf shoes (soft spiked and clean, summer period only) are permitted in the Sutherland room. This is strictly only for the Sutherland room and management can refuse certain clothing if they feel its offensive to members & guests. Access to the changing rooms and toilets is permitted via the rear corridor only.
• Provided that they are free from dirt, mud, sand and grass (easily avoided through use of the air machine), during the summer months, golf shoes with soft spikes can be worn to access the bar in the Sutherland Room only. Access must be via the snooker room entrance and under no circumstances are golf shoes permitted in the main lounge, not even to get through to the Sutherland Room. Please use your common sense during this period and if the shoes are wet as a result of playing golf, you are expected to change into normal shoes and not just socks, when entering any area of the clubhouse.
Unless otherwise communicated, for a function the dress code in the clubhouse (main Lounge / Dining room is smart Casual at all times.
At no time are golf caps, golf visors or golf hats, allowed in the clubhouse (main lounge/ dining room). Smart trainers will be permitted but may not always be acceptable for some functions but in such cases, any conditions will be made known.
Members are also asked to avoid wearing any clothing in the clubhouse that is wet through being exposed to the elements or as a result of excessive perspiration.